Interior Balustrade

Exterior Balustrade


The team at G.S.O. Stainless Engineering take pride in designing a product, with you the customer that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

Types of stainless steel balustrading include:

Tube: Horizontal and vertical options in square, round, oval tube.
Wire: Horizontal and vertical options, also wire and tube combinations. G.S.O. Stainless Engineering uses the Ronstan range of wires and fittings (supplied by Marindust Sales)
Timber: Wooden hand rail options also available.
Finishes: High Polish – Photo,
Satin Polish – Photo,
Brushed Finish – Photo.

G.S.O. Stainless Engineering has completed jobs for construction companies who have won numerous awards:

Roebuck Pools, and Landscaping.
2010 – SPASA Awards of excellence, Gold Medal Oaks Resort Broome

Brian Burke Homes.
Multiple award winners

CPD Group.
2011 – Master Builders, WA Excellence in Construction WINNER ABC Studios Broome.

Care and maintenance of stainless steel balustrades

Tea staining occurs from the build-up of contaminants from environmental factors such as living in close proximity to the ocean, pollution from the busy urban environment and industrial areas.  The grade and finish of stainless steel also plays a factor in the appearance of your product.

304 and 316 are the main grades to be used these environments.

The smoother the finish of the stainless steel the longer it takes for the build-up to occur.  Regular washing with warm soapy water followed by a cold water rinse and dried with a microfiber rag every few weeks is sufficient to keep your product shining like new (depending on location).

Electro-polishing passivates the surface of the stainless steel which also helps in extending the stainless appearance of your product.