Custom Design

We can custom design and manufacture any stainless steel boating requirements, for super yachts to sports fishing boats to dinghy’s.

  • Bow rails
  • Hand rails
  • Targa frames
  • Swim Decks
  • Bimini frames and Rod holders
  • In house repairs

With your input we can design anything.

Grades of stainless steel suitable for marine applications.
316 graded stainless steel, with a mirror finish is the most common grade to be used on marine vessels.  This along with regular maintenance dramatically reduces the time it takes for tea staining to occur.

What causes tea staining on boats and how to maintain?
Tea Staining is the discolouration to the surface of stainless steel mostly caused from factors such as pollution levels and natural factors like the marine environment.

This is not the stainless steel corroding but a build-up of these contaminants which can be easily maintained by regular maintenance.

The smoother the finish of the stainless steel the longer it takes for the build-up to occur.  Regular washing with warm soapy water followed by a cold water rinse and dried with a microfiber rag will keep your stainless shining like new.

Electro-polishing passivates the surface of the stainless steel which also helps in extending the clean finish of your stainless steel product.